A few tips for a Nova Scotia RV trip

Our province is known for its beautiful scenery and there’s no better time to explore it all than the summer. Make it an easy vacation and take the rv so you have everything you need and don’t have to worry about tenting weather.

So hit the road, hitch on the trailer and consider one of these awesome destinations or road trips!

Pollett’s Cove hike, Cape Breton
  • Whether you are a Nova Scotia Local or not, there’s a good chance that you’ve heard of the Cabot Trail. It’s iconic enough that we can certainly cannot leave it off the list. With so many stops and nature adventures along this route you could have a different experience and stops each time.
    1. Beulach Ban Falls is a great stop along the way and can be found at the Aspy Trailhead.
    2. The skyline trail is a must see and stunning for photographs.
    3. If you’re feeling adventurous, cross the island and check out the historic Fortress of Louisbourg, a working historic site that’s fascinating even if you’re not a history buff.
Grand Pré Gardens, NS
  • There may be many valleys and hills in Nova Scotia but if you say you’re going to “The Valley” everyone knows you’re heading to Annapolis Valley. Absolutely gorgeous scenery and a valley full of farm land, niche stores, cafes and roadside produce stands the Valley also has historic significance.
    1. Grand Pré holds great cultural significance to the Acadian people and also features a small chapel and well kept beautiful gardens.
    2. Wolfville, as a university town, home of Acadia University, Wolfville is bustling with great eats and a lovely small town feel.
    3. The Annapolis Valley is known for its many wineries so park the rv for the night and take the wine bus tour!
Smuggler’s Cove, NS
  • The South Shore may look quaint, but the views and small town feel are great. A shoreline dotted with fishing towns, the area is not high traffic necessarily but certainly worth a drive.
    1. South of the Annapolis Valley area Digby is a great stop and if you are looking for a great nature experience, taking the connecting ferries from the Digby area to Long Island and then across to Brier Island is a beautiful drive and Brier Island is home of lovely beaches and great whale watching
    2. The drive down through Church Point is beautiful as well and will take you past Université Sainte-Anne and the adjacent large wooden church. Chez L’Ami Ice Cream shop across the street is always with a stop as well.
    3. Smugglers Cove just past Meteghan is certainly worth a stop as well.
    4. Yarmouth, Barrington and Shelburne will all give you the small town feel and gorgeous views you are looking for as well.
Lunenburg, NS
  • A More historic and well known area for a drive and a great area to camp would be the Lunenburg, Chester and Peggy’s Cove areas. The literal Postcard view of small town Nova Scotia comes from Lunenburg with it’s painted homes and fishing industry.
    1. Lunenburg is made for the tourist in the best way, the town embraces their coastal roots and the town is picturesque and speckled with gift shops with unique finds.
    2. Chester is big homes and beautiful views, known as an area full of old historic large homes you will have a great view on both sides.
    3. Peggy’s Cove may be one of the bigger tourist spots but it is certainly a well earned spot on that list. A gorgeous view and a lighthouse to boot! Just be aware to stay away from the black rocks so you don’t get swept away.
Tatamagouche, NS
  • The North Shore has a lot to cover but there are so many great stops and views along the way. This list may be a bit longer but it’s worth it.
    1. If you start around Masstown or Truro you won’t want to miss a stop to Masstown Market. A local staple with homemade goods, food, ice cream and doughnuts so good you’ll want to grab a bag for later.
    2. Just past Economy you will find Five Islands. If you have never been to the provincial park the beach view is stunning and the tide is fast. If you arrive at the right time with the tide out you can walk on the ocean floor. But beware you don’t get stranded as the tide comes in FAST.
    3. Joggins Fossil Cliffs are a historic and interesting places to stop with a cool beach and the chance to play archeologist for a day. Don’t forget your Indiana Jones hat!
    4. Starting just past Amherst is the Sunrise trail. Known as a coastal drive with small towns and interesting places to stop this is a great tour to take. 
    5. The trail will take you through Tatamagouche an innovative little town that has made the most of their beautiful setting, make sure you try a flight at Tatamagouche Brewery and eat at the Train Station Inn. If you’re around on Saturday stop at the farmers market.
    6. Just outside of River John is Mabel Murple’s Book shoppe and Dreamery. It is always worth a visit to meet the whimsical Sherri Fitch, an amazing  author who created her own book store next to her home that has purple walls and you might even find a donkey there. Don’t forget Caldera distillery is just down the road!
    7. Pictou County. We might be a bit biased but we think this place is pretty great. With one of the most beautiful beaches in the province (Melmerby) and a lot of history you should certainly spend some time here.
Melmerby Beach, Nova Scotia

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