A little summer maintenance check

While the weather is nice out it is always a good idea to get some maintenance checks done around the RV before the weather gets a little chilly. With hurricanes and winds sweeping through the area you always want to do a mid-season check to make sure that everything is good to go for the rest of your camping adventures as well.

So while you’re hanging around your RV, here are a few things to check on:

The roof

Whether you have a walkable roof or have to climb up a ladder to take a look, you should definitely check it out. It doesn’t always take a major weather event to cause a leak or a small tear in your rubber roof and even a small tear can cause a lot of damage.

Replacing a rotted roof or wall panel is a lot more hassle than patching up a tear or hole on the roof.

On top of checking over your roof, a good cleaning with an RV-safe roof cleaner and a brush is always a good idea to help keep your roof from cracking in the summer heat.


Whether you are leaving your slides out because of frequent use of your RV or putting them in and out when you are or are not using the RV it is always a good idea to check the slides and the caulking and flaps around the slide. The same as your roof, these parts of your slide can crack when they dry out from the heat. Checking and conditioning them is an important part of maintenance to help prevent leaks that could cut your vacation short.


Whether you travel or park your RV it is always a good idea to check if you have any little friends hitching a ride or a place to stay. In our service shop, our technicians have seen their share of fuzzy or feathered friends carefully hidden away. Baby birds, squirrels, or anything else that can find its way to a spot will see your RV as a place to take a nap or make a home. To prevent further damage from this, make sure you thoroughly check out any little spot you think they could crawl.

On the occasion that you do find a little friend, make sure you call your local animal rescue or department of natural resources to make sure the animals are properly integrated back into the wild safely.


While they may just be sitting there all summer it can be easy to pass by your tires and not notice if they are getting a little low or leaking until it’s too late. It’s always a good idea to check out your tires, take the heat into mind when checking tire pressure which can expand the air in the tires.

Lines and tanks

You may be keeping everything well flushed and moving over the summer from the use of your RV but it is never a bad idea to drop a cleaner tablet in your toilet or give your freshwater storage a good full flush. Time goes by fast and if you are not using your water or flushing tanks to empty continuously then you will want to make sure nothing is sticking around in the bit of water from your last fill-up.

Better safe than sorry when it comes to bacteria and water!

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