Dog friendly camping

Fluffy friends big and small are unquestionably part of the family and one of the great parts of RVing is the ability to take your dogs along with you on vacation.

Taking your digs RVing can have benefits such as not having to board them or find a dog sitter, allowing them to see and experience new places with you as well as companionship and a little boost of serotonin when you need it.

When it’s time to take your pup on the road with you there are a few things that can help you make the most of the trip rather than spending your vacation stressing about the dog.

Designate areas

The same as at home you should make sure your dog has a spot for sleeping, somewhere to sit when traveling. It can help to familiarize your dog with the RV before the trip and let them know where their bed, food and water are as well as where they are allowed to sit. A structure similar to what you have at home can help your dog adapt a little better.

Buckle in!

Everyone else in your vehicle is going to be wearing a seatbelt so your dog should have one too. Spending so much time on the road, you want to make sure the trip is safe for your pet as well. Not understanding as much about moving cars as a human, your pet may be keen to move around and check things out. While driving this can be dangerous. A harness or tether that will clip into a seatbelt clip is perfect for trips of any kind.

Pack up

This one may sound like a no-brainer but just as you pack up your belongings and everything you need for your RV trip it is important to make sure you have everything your pup will need for the trip as well. Along with food and a bed, don’t forget other things your dog interacts with on a daily basis such as favourite toys and clothing for the time of year. To help make sure you got everything, try going through your dogs daily routines and gather what they need.

Pit stop play

In the same way, you need to get out of the vehicle to stretch your legs and go to the washroom every so often it’s important to remember that your dog needs some exercise while on the road as well. Packing balls, frisbees or other toys that encourage movement and running are always a great idea. Make sure that your dog gets a period of time each day to exercise to help them from going stir crazy in the RV.


It’s always a good idea before you head out to ensure that the places you are planning on stopping are pet friendly or that you can safely leave your pet in the RV or elsewhere while you make your stop. Making sure the campgrounds you are staying at are pet-friendly is always a good way to start out so your dog is free to play and be outside.

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