Our Favourite RV features

Travel trailers, fifth wheels and park models certainly are not what they used to be. With modern updates, interior and technology they really area home on wheels, and just like your home they have some pretty cool features to make them more comfortable for you.

Check out some of our favourite features in our Keystone trailers and fifth wheels as we start small and move to the big features.

Outdoor shower

Whether you have kids or dogs or just enjoy your time outside having an outdoor shower can be helpful to wash off dirty feet, paws or hands before you get back in the RV. Filling cooking supplies or rinsing dishes or outdoor gear is another great perk of the outdoor shower.

Hideaway power plugs

In some of our trailers and fifth wheels you can find a silver circle on tables or countertops that holds something in high demand, charging plugs! New pop up wall and USB plugs can allow for some extra space, when not being used and make for a much cleaner sleek look in a smaller space rather than plugs all over the walls. These chargers offer more than the standard two plugs as well.

Easy connect camera options

There is a long told joke about how backing a trailer in is a true test of a relationship or marriage and for good reason. It can be frustrating to do unless you are very well practiced.This is where the quick connect camera systems come in. To make it nice and easy like backing up your trailer with a camera is, the trailers are equipped with a ready to go base and set up for cameras to take the hassle out of it. 

Propane quick connect

You have your propane tanks on the front of your trailer to help run things like indoor stoves, ovens or fridges. For those that don’t want to cook indoors some days the outdoor kitchen was made. The quick connect propane adaptors go one step further by allowing you to use your RV propane for outdoor cooking as well rather than lugging an extra tank of fuel. The quick connect hook up makes it easy to attach and detach as well.

Front Windshield

Some of our travel trailers and fifth wheels feature front windshields, a front cap window so heavily tinted from the outside that you nearly cant see inside. Once inside though these front windows are a great feature to a room that would normally have a slopwed wall at the front, making it feel much bigger and offering another chance to see the view.

Power stabilizers or auto level

RVing has come a long way from what it used to be. Rather than hand cranks, power push button stabilizers and full auto level systems have saved many sore backs and a ton of time for campers. They also give the assurance that the systems are set up the way they need to be each time eliminating human error.

Lippert Solid Step

While the fold away steps of trailers are very handy and have been around for a long time, the new future of RV stairs goes to the solid step, in our opinion. Made of a heavier metal, adjustable legs and clips to hold them in the door when closed the Lippert Solid Step eliminated that bounce when you stand on a step and gives you a nice solid base to walk up on. They are perfect for anyone with balance, or mobility issues, animals, or children that might not be steady on their feet.

Road Vac

Just like your home your RV has to be cleaned, even more so if you spend your summers in and out of the trailer all day. Getting some dirt on the floor is more of a question of when than if. The Road Vac is great for this because it prevents having to carry extra cleaning supplies like vacuum or broom and dust oan and just includes it in the trailer. With hose, bag and filter ready to go it makes cleaning a lot easier.

Solar panels

We’re moving to a future of clean energy, and as camping is about enjoying the outdoors, being nature friendly is something to hop on. Solar has come to stay on our Keystone trailers with every trailer now having  at least one solar panel to help extend battery life. Keep an eye out for the lithium batteries that are coming in 2023 models to hold on to that solar power.


The InCommand system is what happens when technology meets camping. The option to have the entire control panel for your RV in the palm of your hand no matter where you are is next level luxury. A luxury you can find in most of our fifth wheels now. With a touch screen panel in the trailer and a smartphone app available this system allows for remote use and just a tap of a screen to close up or open your camper, lights and awning. You’ll never want to go back to a push button control panel after InCommand.

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