That First Camping Trip…

This was the first summer I was able to take my son camping at his Nanny and Grampy’s Trailer. Camping has always been an activity our family loves to do during the summer. I have so many memories of camping … Continued

2020 Halifax RV Show

          Kim Stone (right) cuts the 20th Anniversary Cake for the Halifax RV Show WOW!! We just returned from a record breaking 2020 Halifax RV Show, and what a show it was! The Halifax Show is … Continued

What Is An RV Inverter?

If you’re new to the RV lifestyle or looking into it for the first time you may have questions about some of the many components you are not familiar with quite yet. For instance, did you know most RVs are … Continued

How To Prepare Your RV For Winter

When you think RV winterizing, you probably think ‘anti-freeze’ – and that’s an important part of RV care, but not the only thing you should consider when readying yourself for the winter months! Properly preparing your RV for the cold season … Continued

How To Keep Rodents Out Of Your Camper

As you get ready to store your RV for the winter months, it’s important to keep in mind that mice and other rodents may be looking for a warm place to nest once the snow begins to fall. Mice deterrent … Continued

Winterizing Your RV

As hard as it is to believe, another summer has come and gone. While you may still be enjoying some late summer/early fall camping, you’ll soon be thinking of packing up for another winter. As the all important process of … Continued

Campground Review: Twin Shores

[av_textblock] We have just returned home from another amazing visit to our favorite campground – Twin Shores Camping Area on Prince Edward Island. We have been looking forward to this trip all summer as it is the longest trip that … Continued