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In the past year, with lockdowns, housing prices skyrocketing in many areas, and everyone looking to get back to nature there has been an influx of first-time campers.

When first stepping foot in an RV it can be intimidating, no doubt. There is a system or space for everything you should need to live in that reasonably sized tow-along. With heating and cooling, propane, batteries, and just general maintenance there is certainly a lot to remember. For all those getting ready to set off for the first time in their newly acquired RV, we have compiled a few tips from seasoned RVers to help you along!


Bring a flashlight

Sure we all plan to get there at a certain time but there always seems to be something that can end up holding us up. So for those nights when you’re rolling into the campground at dusk and scrambling to get everything ready and level your RV, bring a light. It’s easy to forget this one since you will have your very own home on wheels, oftentimes with electrical hook up, but just the same as those emergency candles at home, it’s always nice to have a backup.


Pack double

Now, this tip does not go for everything you are taking, only for a few key essentials. It can never hurt to have a spare, power cable, sewer hose or water hose with you. There’s a chance that something could happen and you will need an extra of course. But, there is always a chance as well that if you are heading to a new lot you have never been to that things may not be as close as you thought they might be. So as an extender or a back up, make sure you grab a couple of extras of big essentials, just in case.


Pack light

Now, this might sound contradictory to tip 2, however, this time we are talking about non-essentials. I know that extra pair of bedazzled sandals or that third change of clothes for one day might not seem like a lot but it all adds up pretty quickly. You don’t want to feel like a little sardine, in your new RV after you pack it to the roof with things. Just take what you need and deem absolutely essential for the first few trips until you get a better hang of what you can go without and what must-haves are unique to you.


Weigh, weigh, weigh!

Not everyone may have access to a way to weigh your RV, but if you are able to, it is certainly not a bad idea. Weighing can help you ensure that you’re not reaching capacity and that when you add people into the mix, you won’t go overweight and cause damage to the RV. All of the things you pack may not seem like a lot as you add it in there but it can all certainly add up pretty fast and having a rough idea of how much weight room you have to play with is a good call if you are planning on picking up a few things as you go.


Solo flight

This tip is more of a sanity and relationship saver than an RV tip, but if you are planning on backing your RV into a spot it may be best to go it alone to avoid a fight. It’s not like anyone means to get in an argument if they are doing that sort of thing but according to some seasoned campers, it is definitely not rare. So even if you have to back in the RV, and get out and check and then get back in, adjust and continue this until you’re in the spot, it may likely be worth the little bit of extra hassle.


So to all the first-time campers out there, happy trails from Stone’s RV.


Tips and tricks were taken from this r/RVlife thread:

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