Favourite finds

Camping in an RV certainly makes things much easier with nearly everything you need hauling along with you behind your vehicle. But even the nicest of RVs are made cozier with the right accessories. On that note, we have compiled … Continued

RV Roof care and cleaning

Not quite part of the winterization process, but certainly part of taking care of your RV that you want to incorporate into your routine is cleaning your RV’s rubber roof. Quite literally the roof over your head, a rubber roof … Continued

That First Camping Trip…

This was the first summer I was able to take my son camping at his Nanny and Grampy’s Trailer. Camping has always been an activity our family loves to do during the summer. I have so many memories of camping … Continued

2020 Halifax RV Show

          Kim Stone (right) cuts the 20th Anniversary Cake for the Halifax RV Show WOW!! We just returned from a record breaking 2020 Halifax RV Show, and what a show it was! The Halifax Show is … Continued